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As the time has changed, both technology as well as the lifestyle of human’s has changed, which has inversely affected human health. Lifestyle has become so hectic that no one has time for taking an appointment from a doctor, and afterwards reach him for further consultancy. But as someone has very well said “modern problems needs modern solutions”, so here we are with a modern solution of online doctor consultation. Yes you heard it right online doctor consultation. Here American Ecare team has tried to bring technology for your help. You simply have to first register yourself, afterwards select your health concerns which are specified over the website then simply you will be connected to an online doctor via video call. He/she will be helping you in your problem 24×7.


Patient requests a visit


The Doctor provides you a professional healthcare service via secure video conference


The Doctor sends a prescription

American Ecare

You can select a face to face visit from your computer, smartphone or tablet

You can choose Employers and Group Discount from American Ecare

American E-care Team

Dr Gonzalez
Dr. Frederick A. Gonzalez, MD

Specialty :

Obstetrics and Gynecology/Maternal and Fetal Medicine.

Experience :

36 Years

Dr DavidBorenstein
Dr. David Borenstein

Specialty :

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal, Integrative

Experience :

19 Years

Dr Au Hargraves
Dr. Katherine Au Hargraves

Specialty :

Emergency Medicine Physician

Experience :

13 Years

Dr Arnold_l_lentnek
Dr. Arnold L Lentnek

Specialty :

Internal medicine
/Infectious Diseases

Experience :

40 Years

Dr Martin perlin
DR. Martin Perlin

Specialty :

Internal Medicine

Experience :

20 Years

Dr king
DR. Dennis R. King

Specialty :

Family Medicine

Experience :

30 Years

American Ecare is a friendly doctor-patient network providing professional healthcare services via videoconference. Our main goal is to make healthcare most convenient to patient by bringing a doctor to your house via our virtual platform.

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