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Ask doctor second opinion

How ask doctor second opinion?
How to ask the second opinion from the doctor? The best way is that you tell the doctor that you appreciate their care, and to help you get the second opinion, whether you have other options or ideas. If you do not want second, but it is a family member, then I would recommend that you tell your doctor that this is your loved one who is requesting it. Assure the doctor that you want to continue to take care of them, but you want to explore the possibility of other options.

Good doctors should not be angry. If they are comfortable with their diagnosis and treatment plan, they know that you are not likely to have alternative therapies. Good doctors also know that they do not know all this and they welcome the opportunity to learn something new from the second opinion. In the end, doctors are notorious for seeking the second opinion on the patients' condition, because they all understand the practice of medicine with uncertainty, and do not hesitate to ask about one. This is your health. It is worse than regretting seeking one another's opinion, perhaps by hurting an ego. Again, good doctors are not angry, often expect to ask for a second opinion, and suggest that a patient will get the second opinion in a particularly serious medical condition.

What should the patient and the doctor discuss in these circumstances?
Please give an example of what to say. Say that you greatly appreciate their care and value their advice. You were surprised whether there were alternative treatments options or treatments that could be familiar to other doctors that they would recommend for the second opinion. Assure the doctor that you will return to his practice and this request is more for a piece of your heart or for your loved one. Explain that you are very satisfied with his care.
Do not demand one another's opinion. If your doctor will not help you, you can still take the second opinion. You may also consider changing doctors as a doctor, who will not help you get a second opinion, especially for a potentially serious medical problem, rather than putting you first as a patient, his ego may be more concerned about.

If the patient decides to go on the path suggested by his doctor, how can the patient get a primary care doctor on board?
Patients need to realize that in the same way doctors can not force patients to do some things like doing more exercise, lose weight, quit smoking and take prescription medications. They can not force their primary care physician, whether it is a doctor or family doctor, for an alternative treatment plan to bring it on board. If his doctor wants to work with him and both parties can compromise, then it would be great. If not, then it is best that the patient should get another doctor with whom he can work.

Doctors are available to provide their medical expertise to patients. Depending on the doctor, their experience may vary widely. Rather than complying with the plan, instead of comprehending the primary carer to go to such a plan, it would be better to find another doctor with the specialist of his need.

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