Blood Pressure issues

Blood Pressure issues

Blood pressure control is very important part of life whether you have diabetes or not. However, having high blood pressure is an important risk factor in developing heart disease, stroke and other complications of diabetes. Diabetes and high blood pressure are often associated, and many people with diabetes take medication to reduce their blood pressure. Blood pressure means blood pressure in your arteries because it is being pumped by the heart. Most diabetic patients with high blood pressure have no symptoms.

However, very high blood pressure or rapidly increasing blood pressure can cause:
• Headache
•vision problems
• bleeding nose
• Difficulty breathing
• Fit

Similar to high blood pressure, the symptoms of low pressure can not always be obvious. If you get symptoms, then they can be identified as one of the following: Feeling dizziness, light spotlight or unconsciousness
• Blurred vision
• Fast or irregular heart beat
• nausea
Blood pressure is measured in terms of millimeters of mercury, as two figures, for example 124/80 mmHg.

• The first number (124 in this case) is known as systolic pressure - pressure in the arteries when the heart is contracted.

• The second number (80 here) is diastolic pressure - pressure in the arteries on the rest of the heart. If your resting blood pressure level is above the target, it increases the risk of heart and vascular problems as well as other diabetes complications such as kidney disease and vision loss (retinopathy).

• High blood pressure is also associated with bad circulation which increases the risk of foot ulcers and if the foot is not taken regularly, then the dissection may be done in the leg. Very high blood pressure is generated by the formation of cholesterol within the walls of the blood vessels. This causes the contraction of blood vessels, restricts blood flow and increases blood pressure.

• The risk of heart problems and stroke increases with narrow arteries if these vital organs get very little blood or if blood clots block blood flow.

• Occasionally, due to other conditions, high blood pressure may occur, such as Diabetes mildew, kidney or hormone problems.

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