Bronchitis and Pneumonia

Bronchitis and Pneumonia

When a cold or flu is set, you probably know how it appears. It probably starts with that scratch behind your throat. You start to feel run-down The next thing you know, you are standing with a box of tissues in front of the TV. But when it comes to bronchitis and pneumonia, it can be a bit difficult to know what is going on and how to tell them.

Bronchitis occurs when your bronchial tubes, which air up to your lungs, get infected and become swollen.

There are two types:
• acute bronchitis. It lasts for a few weeks and usually goes away by itself.
• chronic bronchitis. It is more serious, and if you smoke, you are more likely to get it. In this article, we are looking at acute bronchitis.
Pneumonia is another infection in your lungs, but instead of bronchial tubes, you call it alveoli in the air pouch in your lungs. It can be lighter, but sometimes serious, especially for young people, people aged 65 or over and people with weak immune systems.
Symptoms of acute bronchitis

You may have various problems in breathing, such as:
• Chest setting, where your chest feels full or full
• Cough - You can eat lots of mucus, which are clear, white, yellow or green.
• Loss of breath
When you breathe, wheezing or whistling
You may also have symptoms of some common cold or flu, such as:
• The pain of the body I
• feeling cold
• droop off
• Low fever
• Drowning, filled nose
•Sore throat
Even after other symptoms have gone, cough may last for a few weeks because your bronchial canal gets cured and swelling decreases.

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