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Can i Get a Prescription Online

Online Prescriptions are given to people on the Internet. Both the counselor and the client should have access to the computer with an internet connection. The question of most people is whether can I get a prescription online, it can come in different forms, but through online prescription email, text messaging, voice and video link as well as through chat rooms and message boards Are provided from. Many people will be familiar with this kind of communication and in this way conversation has become a natural and easy part of life. An online prescription can be provided to a person or group, just like face-to-face counseling can be. Also known as an online prescription, web prescription, e-consultation, e-therapy, and internet consultation.

Is this safe?
Since online prescription means that the counselor is usually invisible to the customer, it can sometimes be claimed that it is dangerous. This is why it is important that you have as much information about your counselor. By checking your counselor's credentials, including membership of a counseling organization, it helps you verify that a person is actually a consultant and does not throw it. Remember, even the people you see face to face can call themselves a counselor and try to "fix" your problems. As it is not an online prescription that can be dangerous; Rather it is a risk that your counsel is neither trustworthy nor ethical.

It is being said that there are advantages and disadvantages which are unique to the online prescription, which you have to consider before engaging with the online counselor.

Benefits of Online Counseling
• You do not need to visit any office to see the counselor. Counseling can be done in the comfort and security of your home.
• No one needs to know that you are looking at a counselor because it can be used at your convenience.
• It saves time, travel and child care costs.
• It is easily accessible.
• Costs can be kept low because your counselor does not need to rent the office space.
• If you use email or message board consultation, you can read and write your messages at any time, it is convenient for you. It also gives time to compose a well-thought-out response.
• You only have to communicate with your mentor; There is no receptionist or support worker to deal with this.
• Some people feel less interrupted who are able to communicate online, and therefore more open. This can be a major therapeutic effect.
• You can come back at any time and review the messages or read your email again. You can not do this with conventional consultation.

Loss of online prescription:

Privacy issues:
Secluded With the conventional consultation, the counselor ensures privacy by providing a room which is private and is free of disturbances. However, with online prescription, it is up to you to protect your privacy and limit interruptions.

Text and chat
• If communication is text-based, then you will not be able to say much, because communication is slow.
• Unless webcam is used, you will not be able to see your counselor, so non-verbal signals will be lost. As such, misconceptions can arise.
• Chat sessions can be difficult for connection problems to take effect.

• If email is used, then other people can access your messages, unless you set up an account that only you know the password. As such, confidentiality may be breached.
• With an email, the message can not be received or forwarded to someone else by mistake.
• With email and message board consultation, you have to wait to get answers.

What are the options for online prescriptions?
• face counseling Telephone a Counseling Helpline
• Attend a support group
• Talk to a friend or family member
• Talk to your doctor
• Read a self-help book
• Do nothing

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