Fever, or in scientific name known as pyrexia and fibril reaction, is defined as the temperature above the normal range due to an increase in body temperature set point. There is no single agreed-upper limit for normal temperatures with sources that use values between 37.5 and 38.3 ° C (99.5 and 100.9 ° F). Increasing the set point trigger causes muscle contraction and feels cold. This leads to higher heat production and heat conservation efforts occur. When the fixed point temperature becomes normal, then one feels warm, slows down, and sweating can start. Rarely a fever may trigger a fever seizure.

It is found more in younger children. Fawers usually do not exceed 41 to 42 ° C (105.8 to 107.6 ° F). A fever can be due to many medical conditions, which is dangerous from life to non-serious. It includes viral, bacterial parasitic infections such as common cold, urinary tract infections, meningitis, malaria, and appendicitis among others. . Non-communicable causes include cancer of vascularis, deep vein thrombosis, side effects of medication, and others. It is different from hyperthermia, that hyperthermia increases the temperature of the body at the temperature set point, either due to excessive heat output or loss of sufficient heat.

Treatment is not necessary to reduce fever. The associated pain and inflammation treatment, however, can be useful and help a person to relax. Medicines such as ibuprofen or paracetamol (acetaminophen) may also help with lower temperatures. Measures like putting a cool nymph on the forehead and bathing a little hot are not useful and can make one person more uncomfortable.

Young Children or those who are less then three months require medical attention, because people with severe medical problems such as a compromised immune system or people with other symptoms can be. Hyperthermia is needed for treatment.

Body temperature or fever is the most common medical signs. It is a part of about 30% of health care, which occurs in 75% of the adult children, who are seriously ill. While fever is a useful defense mechanism, treating fever does not spoil the results. Fever is seen with more anxiety by parents and health professionals, usually worth it, an event called fever phobia.

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