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Internet users are increasing day by day on a high pace; in today's world the use of World Wide Web not restricted to sending emails or watching videos online but also it has been started using as a tool for making our life simpler and better. The Internet has emerged as a global teacher which helps us in clarifying our queries, no matter where you are simply you can avail such knowledge via websites or via blogs and pages. The rapid growth in internet technology has encouraged humans to work more for their betterment and has influenced many to create websites which can provide quality information to the users. One of such latest concept is chat with a doctor online via video call or phone call and get prescriptions online Multimedia websites are a combination of images, videos, and catchy graphics and yes the content related to the site. The introduction of the internet along with such websites encouraged people to make a website for online dr consultation which will be beneficial for everyone. There are a lot of websites over world wide web which provides such services to its users, also these websites are accessible to everyone the thing is that both the user as well as the client needs to have an active internet connection and they are good to go. Online doctor websites are specialized websites through which users can avail medical consultation from a certified doctor.

Management in health issues has been equally challenging for both doctors as well as for the patient. Such websites have made a lot of things easier and dynamic like now the patient can attain knowledge about his health condition, his symptoms and the cure for his problem without even leaving his home. These online websites are a great source of educating people about their health conditions are making people aware of various medical issues via videos or providing relevant content on the website. All the videos and the blogs provide a clear cut definition and symptom of every disease along with its prevention and cure The online doctor facility enables users to have a word with the doctor or consultant via video chat and can ask for any issue. Also, these doctors are specialized in different fields like you can ask a pediatrician online for your baby health and development or you can ask for a dentist who can fix your toothache. A lot of people are opting for these services and a very good response is being generated from the public. This practice of providing consultancy online will completely change our perception of health and treatment.

American Ecare is a friendly doctor-patient network providing professional healthcare services via videoconference. Our main goal is to make healthcare most convenient to patient by bringing a doctor to your house via our virtual platform.

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