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Online prescriptionon consultation service

Feeling not well? Instead of calling the doctor and taking an appointment, you can take online prescriptionon consultation service over internet. With many online therapeutic consulting websites coming across the web, you can consult a doctor online without waiting for doctor's appointments and going through any of the hassles of driving. Online counseling and prescription services are gaining popularity for many reasons:

Fast Services

The time you spend setting up an appointment with a doctor can be used to give your details to the online medical consultant. When you are confirming the appointment, you are likely to get a prescription from the website. This, however, goes for simple medical conditions and if you have severe problems, then you may have to wait some time for the prescription. At the top of it, patients do not need to fill the application form for a long time.

flexible time

One of the major benefits of online medical services is that patients get the opportunity to contact e-therapists and set medicines at any time of the day or night. As opposed to traditional medical facilities, where patients have to stay around for a doctor's appointment, online facilities do not allow their patients to wait long.


Online medical consultation is the most convenient resource for everyone, especially those with limited health insurance or none. Those who are very sick to go to the doctor, they also take advantage of online consultation. Most people do not rely on doctors in a foreign land while traveling, and online medical services are used for such people.

Completely Private

Such services are suitable for those patients who are embarrassed by some medical conditions. Such people can tell their problems to an online doctor secret These services even obscure the identity of all their patients. While drugs on the internet are beneficial in many ways, people with serious illness should always consult a doctor in person so that they can be treated effectively.


The best option for those going to the doctor's office at regular intervals, which results in heavy costs for their basic medical care. Obtaining prescriptions from online medical services, on the other hand, significantly cuts spending. You receive the same qualitative medical consultation with a certified doctor at a faster pace and for a lesser amount.In addition to affordable online doctor consultation and prescription, people can also get work or excuse of doctors for school.

Fee comparison

Even online medical consultation fees vary from one website to another. In such a case, people get an opportunity to compare the fees and benefits of various services, which are not possible when consulting a traditional doctor.It not only helps you get a recipe within your budget, but also researches that doctors are certified or not. Whether you are looking for a flu treatment or poison oak treatment, always make a point to check the reliability of the consultation website.
When it comes to bookings with the online medical consultation service, provide as much information as possible. With a mention of allergy, a brief note, if any, explaining your current problems and medical history, the e-doctor will help you determine the most suitable medicines for your condition. In case, any lab report is required, you can upload them to most of these websites.

American Ecare is a friendly doctor-patient network providing professional healthcare services via videoconference. Our main goal is to make healthcare most convenient to patient by bringing a doctor to your house via our virtual platform.

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