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Pregnant emergency doctor

Pregnant women specifically need Pregnant emergency doctor care and especially postnatal care. Therefore, caution should be exercised while contacting a pregnancy doctor who can closely follow the progress in various stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy expert should be able to guide the pregnant woman who is naturally a nesting instinct during various stages of pregnancy and embryo development.

1. Who to choose as a pregnancy doctor?
A pregnant or midwife can be taken to care for mother during and after pregnancy. An obstetrician doctor provides medical and surgical care to women immediately after delivery, delivery, and delivery. As a gynecologist, they can choose well, provided they are also a maternity specialist.

A qualified and certified midwife is a registered and trained nurse who has adequate experience of providing care to women before and after pregnancy. Research shows that 80% of women opt for the obstetrician.

2. How to choose a pregnancy doctor?
• The first and foremost factor is the professional qualification, the specialty of the pregnancy doctor, the area of expertise, experience and reputation. • It is equally important to take care that the experience of the doctor is also very important. Along with the pregnant woman, her husband should also feel comfortable with the pregnancy specialist.

• Is the doctor-patient enough to hear the problems of his patients and solve them satisfactorily? • Finally, the availability of the doctor's location and time so far.

3. What to expect when going to a pregnancy doctor?
The pregnancy doctor should be able to diagnose the pregnant woman during the rest of the pregnancy, identify health problems and discuss the problems she is facing or are likely to be. Doctor should:

• Initial stages, provide blood and urine tests for infection • Increase weight, and determine hormonal changes • Keep an eye on blood pressure regularly • Check the fetal position • Check the hands, feet, and face of the woman for swelling • Advice on vitamin or calcium supplements which mother needs for her and her newborn health • Suspicious on pregnancy and childbirth

4. How many times to go to a pregnancy doctor?
For a safe, or a rather low risk and general pregnancy, the visit of a pregnancy doctor should be as follows:
• 4 weeks - 7 months - once a month • 7-9 months - twice a month • 9 months - up to the birth of a child - once a week A "high risk" pregnant woman may need to look at her early delivery provider more often.

5. Various Fertility Treatment Options available to a pregnant physician: Infertility can be either due to either male or female or both. In any of these situations, a reproductive capacity / pregnancy doctor should diagnose the couple. Treatment is often very simple, such as lifestyle changes, medication or surgery changes.Changes in lifestyle include weight loss, stop smoking, or better combat with stress on the workplace. In other cases, reproductive experts may recommend and provide infertility treatment for various reproductive problems. Options include:

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) - In this, there is a laboratory of sperm and embryos in a laboratory. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) - it is an artificial insemination procedure to keep the sperm artificially in a woman's uterus.

Intracotopleplic Sperm Injection (ICSI) - This is a reproduction method for treating the number of sperms in men. Therefore, with a satisfactory answer to your questions to the doctor, be ready to welcome your child in the comfort zone of the heart.

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