Sprains, Bruises & Strains

Sprains, Bruises & Strains

The sprain, also known as a torn ligament, infects the one or more ligaments in the joint, which is often caused by trauma or the joint is beyond the functional boundaries of its motion. The severity of the sprain is caused by a slight injury, which requires a large breakdown of one or more ligaments in a few days, which requires a period of surgical fixation and stabilization. The sprain can occur in any joint, but the most common in the ankle and wrist.

A scratch, which is also known as fusion, is a type of tissue that is hematoma in which capillaries are damaged by friction, causing local internal bleeding which spreads to surrounding interstitial tissues. Most scratches are not very deep under the skin so that bleeding causes a visual discoloration. The bruise then remains visible until the blood is either absorbed by tissues or cleared by immune system action. Bruises, which do not blanch under pressure, may include capillaries at the level of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, or bone Bruises should not be confused with other similar looking lesions which are mainly different from their diameter or cause. These lesions include Phetchia, Purpura (3 mm to 1 cm), which have been classified as Purplepura Purpura or Non-Palpable purpura and indicate various diseases related conditions like thrombocytopenia. ), And ecosmosis.

Stress is an acute or chronic soft tissue injury that occurs in a muscle, tendon, or both (contraction components). The equal injury to a ligament is a sprain. As a result of improper body mechanics with any activity, there may be stress (e.g., contact games, lifting heavy objects, overgrowths) that can induce mechanical trauma or injury. Generally, overstretch muscles or tendon can be kept under more physical stress than it can exercise. A strain is usually the result of a partial or complete tear of a tendon or muscle, or they may become severe as a complete tendon rupture. The most common body place for strains is in the foot, leg or back.

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